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Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Southern hemisphere of Africa was FIRST inhabited by a group of people called San People. These people consisted of various indigenous hunter-gathers, whose territory spans Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Hunter-gathers are people who primarily hunter for food and lives their lives in the bush, hence the San People are also known as the Bushmen or Basarwa; but they prefer to be identified by their individual nations, such as Kung, IXam, Khomani, Khwe (Khoi, Kxoe), Naro, Haillom, Tsoa, Auen, Kua, Glui and Gllana.

Another group of people that might be considered the indigenous of Southern Africa are Khoikhoi people. The name Khoikhoi means "the real people" or "people of people" or "men of men". The reason behind their name might be because they have lived a different lifestyle as opposed to their co-inhabitants, namely the Bushmen or San people; the Khoikhoi people owned live stock and used agriculture for food as opposed to the Bushmen who were just hunter-gathers. As a result, the Khoikhoi people were able to live in large community and groups, because they were able to support that number of people collectively hence they called themselves "people of people", whereas the Bushmen were living in small groups. The Khoikhoi people originally they were from the north of Botswana and they migrated into South Africa via Kalahari and ended up in Western Cape. At a later stage roundabout 16th Century when European came to South Africa, they met the Khoikhoi people and coined them the name "Hottentots" in imitation the sound of the Khoekhoe language. After a while the Bushmen (San People) and Khokhoi intermarried and as a result a nation of Khoisan (Khoikhoi & San People) was born. The largest ethnic group of the Khoikhoi are Nama People and the other group is called Korana. The Nama clang comes from the Central of Namibia and other small group from Namaqualand, which is the today straddles the Namibian boarder with South Africa.  

Around the 5th century AD another group of people migrated into Southern Africa, eventually majority ended up in South African, and that group is called the "Bantu People". Bantu People are distinct from the Bushmen and Khoikhoi People. Their origin is from Niger-Congo. The Bantu People term is generally used to label about 300-600 ethnic groups in Africa who speaks Bantu Language. Today inhabit a geographical area stretching east and southward from Central Africa across the African Great Lakes region down to Southern Africa. Bantu People began their long series of migrations eastward from their original homeland in West Africa at the boarder of the eastern Nigeria and Cameroon. Their migration started from the West towards to the East into Central Africa and then down into Southern Africa passing through Congo, Angola and Zambia.

The Bantu Speakers arrived in South Africa in small waves rather than one cohesive great migration. Some groups, the ancestors of today Nguni People (the Zulu, Xhosa, Swazi and Ndebele) preferred to live near the coast. Others now known as Sotho-Tswana Peoples (Tshwana, Pedi and Basotho)settled in highveld, while today's Venda, Lemba and Shangaan-Tsonga Peoples settled in the North-Eastern area of South Africa . The Bantu People migration happened roughly over the period between 500AD to 1000AD Century AD. The most widely spoken Niger-Congo languages by number of the native speakers are Yoruba, Igbo, Shona and Zulu

The Bantu advanced into the indigenous homelands of the Khoisan and then they (Khoisan) were forced into a long retreat into more arid areas. but as time went by the Nguni People adopted some of the Khoi words and ended up clicking in their languages. Around the 18th Century the ethnic Bantu group called the Zulus, raised to power and took over most part of South Africa through the hands of Shaka. He initiated many military, social,cultural and political reforms, creating a well-organized Zulu state.

The Europeans Also had an interest in the Southern part of Africa. Their exploration or migration started round about the 15th Centurion AD. The British as well as the Netherland European experience their clash in trying to take over and rule the South Africa. Their epic and famous battle in the South African history it is called the Anglo-Boer War. The war began in 1899 and ended in 1902 with a peace treaty between the 2 sides. The Afrikaners surrendered to the British Crown, on the terms that the Afrikaners become self-governed but be also part of the British colony. Interestingly enough, one of the peace treaty clause stated that "Avoid discussing the native (black) enfranchisement issue until self-government had been given", in simple English: it was to avoid discussing the rights for black people to vote.

After the Afrikaners were granted the self-government, they later introduced the Apartheid practices. It made sense for the Afrikaners to institute Apartheid, because it was a game of numbers. In South Africa black people collective they outweighed the Afrikaners, then should the Afrikaners give black people a right to vote they will definitely lose every time. Hence Apartheid, as it means "segregation", the idea was to divide and conquer. The Afrikaners did what they had to do in order to survive and remain supreme in land of South Africa. Even though the method became inhumane and hated by all black people include some white people and other races around the world. Until such time when black people were given rights to vote in 1994, which then the governmental power changed from white to black and the apartheid laws removed. South Africa then became a Rainbow Nation where all race and national groups are treated the same under one democratic constitution. 

So the in essence the true natives of South Africa are the Bushmen, everyone else invaded and forcefully took up resident in the land not their own. Starting from the Khoikhoi to the Bantu People and then later the Europeans. Everyone had their turn in committing gross folly against the true natives of South Africa. but unfortunately the Bantu People thinks they are the ones who has a legal right to own South Africa, it is matter of maturity and learning that all people all over the world are given earth as their place of dwelling, no one has a right to claim a land as theirs, but all people must lean that we must all learn to share and live in harmony n this beautiful place of ours called "Earth", South Africa as a whole experienced injustice against humanity but not accepting one another.

Throughout the dark history of this beautiful land, South Africa is one of the most diverse country in the whole world. different races and national groups converging into one space and fighting own the land, just like dark clouds formation and unleashing a heaving storm and thunders, after the bad weather, the sun rises and the rainbow appears in the sky, so is the land called "South Africa"





Friday, 14 February 2014


I came across an interesting article about a footballer by the name of Mario Balotelli, a famous AC Millan who Shed tears at a bench due to taunting racist Comments hurled at him. The coach told the public that is wasn't the racist comments that made the footballer shed tears but it was simply, I quote: " they were the tears of a sportsman", and also the English media are the ones who report such ridiculous accusations. And I also remembered the incident of Thierry Henry on the football pitch with his team Barcelona. He was one of the best players for the National French team and his skill was phenomenal.

 He was focused,  professional and his fans adored him (at least that is what I thought) but racism dulled the player; that showed on the field and little support was given to this player. Another incident which made me extremely furious was the Miss France 2013-2014 whose contestant and winner is Flora Conquered got a full blow of being mixed race, this lady was defenseless and had to swallow every negative comment put up to her face. From the president of the beauty pageant in France a foe and to an ordinary citizen of Europe.
This then made me think, have we loved our neighbors as we have loved ourselves? Do we see royalty when you see a different skin toned person or do we see a worthless commoner? Do we hate ourselves to a point of hating everyone else who is mixed race or not your race at all

The history of the Cushite is dark and scary for all eternal existence in this presence system. We were slaves for more than 300 years to a more fairer supreme race. Our ancestors never knew true liberty so they would tell their children to never go against their master or else they would be tortured to a point of death. Some children had to see their parents being beaten for "disobedience" and some children  were permanently separated from their parents  due to the slave trading business. Now many centuries later a man or woman of colour bares the scars of their ancestors (call it a generational curse). Racism is Everywhere even in my Country (South Africa). You will hear politicians referring to a different race as "you people" or "these people" and the general fairer race will refer to black people as Kaffirs (which really means infidel in Aramic). This racial hatred was never dealt with and no amount of discussion will help heal a black person's disease of inferiority and slavery and no amount of psychotherapy will remove the darkness and hatred in your heart.

Religion often preaches about the second coming of Jesus the Christ and they do often say he (Jesus) will restore mankind to his former glory and that there would be a new earth (changed people) and a new heaven (Jehovah's government).
If that's the case, then I look forward to a racial free world, a world where love and appreciation abound, a world were no sin consumes the living soul to death.

We need to heal as a nation of the sons and daughters of Cush and experience the joy of loving who you are and the fairer nation needs to learn to love us as they love themselves,  because we have murdered one another time quote on quote time.


"We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people. I have decided to stick with love, hate is too great of a burden to bear."


"But supose God is black? What if we go to heaven and we, all our lives, have treated the Negro inferior and God is there and we look up and he is not white, what the is our response?"

Thursday, 30 January 2014

My Creator gave me Melanin


I sometimes get angry when I see dark skinned people (both men and women) being portrayed as ugly and undeserving of praise. The media goes to great lengths to promote light skinned women, portraying them as angelic,  pure, very beautiful and highly successful.
Americans pioneer the European way of beauty and we see that by promoting light skin beauty products every minute of everyday. And I would ask,  how many products do you know that promote dark beauty or rather enhance your darker completion? Probably 2 out of 10. And what about the commercials? Close to none. Instead of me bickering about commercials, beauty products and the media, i want to make you understand why we have melanin, why it is a blessing and not a curse and lastly make you see the beauty of Africans


Melanin is a complex polymer derived from the amino acid tyrosine. Melanin is responsible for determining skin and hair colour and is present in the skin to varying degrees, depending on how much a population has been exposed to the sun historically. melanin deposits determine the skin pigment which varies depending on the number and distribution of the melanosomes. Aside from determining skin colour, the light absorbent melanin protects the DNA against UV radiation from the sun, mind you that people had to move from one place to another to find food and a place for their herds. Some people moved to places where there was not much sunlight and that resulted to less produce of melanin but people who moved to places where they were exposed to the sun had to have melanin so that they would be protected from cancer and all sorts of skin diseases.

The exposure to the sun causes premature aging of the skin, hence people who have melanin to a certain degree experience a slower rate of aging, depending on the levels melanocytes. Even the light skin people produces melanocytes, hence when they are exposed to the sun their levels will increase and give the effects of tanning. In general light skin people experiences more skin problems than dark skin people, the mystery is in the protective layer of melanin.

Nature has equipped everyone of us in ways that we cannot comprehend. Beauty has never been determined solely by color, each color on its own is implicitly beautiful. Mankind has diverse skin color for a reason, deep down psychologically everyone of us has been wired to be pro diversity. 

There was an experiment that was conducted in a super market, where they put 2 bowl that contain sweets (smarties). In one bowl they only put smarties with one color and the other bowl they put a variety of colors. Then they put a label saying these sweets are free on both bowls. In about an hour, the bowl that had variety of sweets was finished by a huge margin compare to one colored sweets. That goes to show that our minds likes diversity. So what went wrong?

We all have been conditioned to accept lighter skin color and associate it with beauty, through slavery, media and advertisements, it is a case of pure social engineering. Our minds are no longer capable of appreciating the true sense of beauty beyond color and skin complexion.

As a result racism is a global phenomenon and also colorism among black community. Because of social engineering and conditioning, black skinned people in general have been conditioned to think that they are inferior to the white skinned people as a legacy of racism, black's have sort to change their appearance to be like European, throughout history black people have changed their hair to look like the Europeans and they also have removed their melanin to make their skin lighter, which is an aspiration to look like Europeans. It is a classical case of inferiority complex.  

Meanwhile the whites are tanning their light skin to gain melanin realizing the benefits of having melanin, on the other hand blacks are clinically removing their melanin not realizing the dangers of reducing their melanocytes.

There is a reason why a leopard has spots, a tiger have stripes and a lion having a solid color. They were created so.

Hence our creator asked a question:

"Can Cushite change his skin, or a leopard its spots?...." Jeremiah 13:23      


Tuesday, 26 November 2013


To read a version with images, please CLICK on following link: House Of Nubia Soul Magazine


Madame CJ Walker (1867-1919)

The Walker System is a System where a shampoo, a pomade "hair-grower", vigorous brushing, and the application of heated iron combs to the hair. The "method" transformed stubborn, lusterless hair into shining smoothness.
There is simply nothing wrong with using heat to straighten Afro hair because protective serums are used, so if CJ Walker used brushes and hot irons to straighten Afro hair what really happened?

Well due to the slave trade, slaves were stripped of their identity and culture. Slaves were named after their masters e.g Jones, Morgan, Rogers etc, the master master exercised severe oppressive power to an extent that straighter hair would give you favour before your master. CJ Walker during the 1800's at a tender age was exposed to prejudice. Straightened hair is a result of oppression and prejudice

Garret A Morgan (1877-1963)

Garret A Morgan was also born during the times of slavery and slave trade, he was an inventor; his most notable inventions includes a type of protective respiratory hood, traffic signal and of cause hair straightening preparation. 

Having some parents murdered and some disappeared due to being traded clearly the opposite race was dominant over the other. White people had sleek straight and colorful hair. Their hair radiated light and blew in the wind, they said that God's image is their image in a physical sense. The black man aspired to look like them and that is when self hatred in a form of beauty emerged. The need to have straight hair like theirs began to grow every second of everyday, so yes the crucial need to have straight sleek hair was much. With straight hair, you had more liking and society both black and white accepted you but if you had Afro hair, you were treated like an animal and somehow abused by your own race. Straight hair became a trend both young and old relaxed their hair and boy it felt good every burn to the scalp was worth it. All that Garret wanted to achieve was a way of substituting heat straighteners with cream relaxers to lessen the time and effort on denaturing your kinky hair, that you may be early for work in the house or plantation,  and yes your master will reward you for neatness and presentation of you conformity to his European standards.

Things were tough in America and Europe for African people in the early 1800 and 1900 but it seems like for more than 200 years hair was like bone and sinews, spirit and soul. If you remove the spirit then your soul is non existent and if you remove the sinews then the bone is dead. Therefore if you strip a black man from his Afro or locks you strip them from themselves and presently more mental prisoners roam this earth

                          THE SCIENCE IN THE RELAXER CREAM

Chemicals like sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate and etc are put on your hair and scalp every 6 to 8 weeks from child hood to adult hod, how do you expect to have healthy, thick hair and a beautiful epidermis. Some of these chemicals clean your houses, some burn steel, some melt heavy metal, some are used to remove nail polish, some are used for nuclear weapons and yet you willingly go to the hair salon of health store to basically denature your hair and finally permanently damage it. Ask yourself as to why you feel the need to use relaxer creams. Is it low self esteem,  the corporate society, your neighborhood, media, peer pressure, religion of modeling. If you never lived during slavery then what is holding you back from being black because you have rights, you are free and you owe it to yourself to be true not the other way around. But if you want relaxed hair due to freedom of choice then you will have to experience thinning,  hair fall eventually alopecia later in you existence. Relaxers are not good period.


My mother used to plait my hair with a woolen thread and when Friday came she would wash it with an organic shampoo then condition it and finally hair dry it using a hair dryer with a comb nozzle. My hair grew exponentially in 1 year and it was thick, dark and puffy for some reason I loved it (Good Job Emma Vinah Dada). I was called  names like tree or lolly pop or veil kaffir (meaning dirty nigger) because of that I forced my mom to give me a relaxer and slowly over the years my scalp was damaged, my hair was thinning, growth rate was slow, frizziness and eventually hair fall and baldness around my temples. Corporate,  society and the media always accepted black women with straight hair than black women with puffy hair they are regarded as stupid, and unattractive,  where as they are smart, creative, bright, artistic, so conscious and vibrant. The mentality of straight hair being beautiful will never ever change and most women will not care anyway and continue to be haughty towards the Afro girls. How much more will we continue to tell our creator that he simply didn't know what he was doing when he made us uniquely different and that our hair is beautifully blessed, I guess we will have to wait until he opens our blind minds


80% of black women all over the world justify their reason for relaxing their hair and those reasons are 1) to hard to comb, 2) it shrinks, 3) not bouncy or wavy, 4) hard to manage 5) not suitable to a white man's corporate comfort. Well this saddens me to know that my sister is slowly digging up her grave like a woman smoking cigarettes. Me and the very few women all over the world work smart to grow healthy strong and rich African hair. We deep condition it with oils such as carrot oil, amla oil and etc, we wash and condition it 2 to 3 times a week, we co-wash it as often as possible for moisture, we use head scarfs when sleeping and style it in different ways but most importantly we save money. We experience no hair loss, thinning,  damaged temples and worst ALOPECIA. we simply work with what we've got and it is not a curse just like many quote Isaiah 3:16-17. African hair does grow long, bouncy and flow if you take care of it properly with patience and time.


The ball is in your court, relaxer or no relaxer you are free to exercise your will, I will not judge and afro ladies shouldn't judge as well. This applies to you straight headed woman,  just remember that you were created with love an care and it saddens your maker to see you destroy what he pleasurably put on you head as an exclusive crown of glory. Who has an afro and locks so rich anywhere else in the world? 


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Western Saharan People Of Africa

The Western Sahara Capitalized as LAAYOUNE is a desert situated in the North of Africa between the lands of Morocco,  Algeria and Mauritania,these people are Nubians just like the people of Morocco.

Western Sahara was a land occupied by nomadic people known as the SAHARAWI, for some reason the harsh desert temperatures were not a negative factor instead they had camels and grew crops (This has made me appreciate mother Africa even more because she still gave food to her children so that they live in harmony). historically, there were no political parties instead there were tribes and each tribe had a chief that rules over it. Suddenly the Spanish came into the land just as they did with Morocco and the chiefs gave away their authority and slowly through time the tribes of Western Sahara faded. 


Due to Spain being in the land, war was certainly intense to an extent that the neighboring countries (Morocco,  Algeria and Mauritania) got involved. Spain wanted to colonize the Saharawi people but they resisted and that resistance resulted in a blood bath between the two nations. Finally the war against Spain was finally won; but that did not mean the neighboring countries backed off from wanting the piece of that flourishing desert. What is with all this greed, I mean everyone has a share of this earth; it is not too big or too small there is absolutely no reason to take something from someone by force and manipulation. Western Saharan people will not recover from the trauma of 
Spanish rule (I guess time doesn't heal all wounds because the scars still remain).
To my surprise Morocco own 1/3 of Western Sahara in the Northern part and Mauritania owns a 1/3 on the Southern part. It's either Africans have learnt the game of greed or the hand of the Spanish was ruling afar and beyond using Mauritania and Morocco.


History was unkind to the sons and daughters of Kush, what is considered norm became strange, and what was strange became the norm; I mean let us reason for a bit, every country has one currency and the men are the ones fighting the battle BUT Western Sahara has 3 currencies Algerian Dinar , Moroccan Dirham and Mauritanian Ouguiya and the women! Yes the beautifully created women of Western Sahara march to the battle fields with guns to fight, it doesn't mean that women have been fighting since the Spanish invasion but due to bloody battles in time men have fallen hence the women on the front line. This was devastating for the country and is still is, since some of us have tasted freedom,  the Western Saharan people will only dream of freedom it is only a matter of time before God answers their plea.


Regardless of the division the three neighboring countries brought, most of the Saharan people fled to Tindouf in the Hamada desert and they are still reside there in our time. The UN has mediated for the Saharan people by sending aid and peace troops to stabilize it, still to no success, war and poverty is the daily activity of the Western Sahara even though it was declared the SAHARAWI ARABIC DEMOCRATIC REPLUBLIC.
The nation gets their food form the UN, gets their shelter from the UN, gets their protection from the UN and gets their hope in the UN. Now that is proof enough to see and know that this country is scared until the end of this present age.


The Nubian people of the Western Sahara do fish (since it is a good source of protein), They mine phosphate since it is abundant there, They have soulful singers who sing from the gut of pain and anguish. But my favourite thing to know about  this country is that the food is strange but tasty (Lamb and camel stew) who knew that a desert could flourish with life.
When you say your prayers at night, eat your decadent meals, shop for expensive beautiful items; remember the Arabic/Spanish nation in the North Side of Africa. Yield them in your prayers and accept them as Nubians.


Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Moroccan exploration edition #1



We as Africans need to appreciate our diversity and way of culture, and that includes our rich history.  Our continent has very deep scars that only God can heal, we are not called the dark continent for nothing and Morocco is one of the countries that fell prey to European enslavement. Today's Morocco is very diverse but with visible racial segregation. It pains me to see The Morro people in hatred of their kinky hair, dark skin and original berber language. 


The people of Morocco people have been under the rulership of some European countries  such as France, Rome, Spain, Netherlands,Pheonicia, Belgium and Saudi Arabia.
Morocco gained its independence in 1956 but its customs, laws and practises are heavily influenced by the Islam.

This fair skinned race in Morocco are a mixture of the Amazigh and European, they speak Arabic and Berber (also known a barbaric). Morocco share similar trades as Tunisia, Algeria and Spain.
They are found in most parts of the Moroccan land, living both a modern lifestyle of which purchasing is more prominent, whereas the ancient lifestyleis prominent in trading, occupying rich lands such as Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Fes and Marrakesh. 

We should not hate the fair skinned people in Morocco because it is not their fault that their genes, RNA and DNA got altered due to colonisation. Also they should not worship the European lifestyle and end up despising the darker skinned people in their country. I don't despise mixed raced people especially those who are named Africans, yet it disgusts me when they spit on their customs,  cultures, traditions, languages and religion


It pleases me to know that dark skinned Moroccans are nubians but in the country itself dark skinned people are known as Morro and are not Berbers but as Amazigh. Morro people are dark olive skinned toned with wooly hair. You may also also call them Melas (meaning people with melanin)

In Morocco both fair skinned people and dark skinned people are blinded from reality. In Morocco, fair skinned people loath, beat, curse and cuss dark skinned Moroccans to the ground and both worlds live in separate areas due to hatred. Racism due to colonisation in Morocco has defeated the Morro people,  mindset, acceptance of their pretty selves. On the other hand like most countries in Africa, if you come across fair skinned people. 

Their straight hair, snowy skin and colourful eyes are considered perfection, angelic and blessed. Why would the perception be so crooked you ask, well the answer is BRAINWASH.
As I said before it is no one's fault that Africa is scared but it is us who are responsible for the killings directly or indirectly because  we fail to see the beauty of God's diversity

My people whether fair skinned or dark skinned are so much beautiful in Morocco and even if their true culture, customs, traditions and religion has been taken away from them, they still thrive as an African Proverb that says "a mirror is not the true reflection of a living soul but the Creator of all things is"  El-nathan  Shekinah Sidu